The first self-governed community trust
service platform in the world.



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    DAOTrust’s mission: everyone can tokenize any asset through trust.
    DAOTrust will become a safer and more transparent trust platform for everyone.

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    DAOTrust is the first self-governed community trust service platform in the ecology of Daollar community.
    The vision of DAOTrust is to construct a global distributed assets trust network and achieve rapid entrusting and redemption of assets of all categories around the world.

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Products & services

Products & services


Global money transferring network

DAOTrust will establish a worldwide network of money transferring In this network. Users can save all kinds of fiat in minutes at any time anywhere and can get the seamless exchange.


Global Trust Network

DAOTrust actively embraces government regulation and apply for the relevant licenses, legal compliance worldwide so that our customers not only get the protection technically but also get the protection legally.

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SVG Illustration

Global Compliance Network

DAOTrust will establish a network covering compliance with various parts of the world through the phase of before trading, in the selling and post-trade. DAOTrust compliant network systems integration anti-money laundering, financing of terrorism watchlist of countries, so that any unauthorized person or a poor credit history users do not have the opportunity to open an account at DAOTrust.


A global network of professional operators

DAOTrust will establish an effective mechanism for asset custody. Our user can receive and redeem assets with distributed service organizations to achieve global distribution of major cities around the world. At the same time thanks to our partnership with the worldwide, DAOTrust can accept all different types of assets from fiat to gold, precious metals, real estate, art, and so on.

Strengths and features

Strengths and features

Traditional trust license

DAOTrust actively embraces the supervision from the government by applying for trust license from all the countries around the world so that our business can be developed in a legal and compliant way and our customers can be protected both technically and legislatively.

Regulatory Compliance

Due to the unique nature of the trust industry, most countries have strict approval requirements for approval of the trust industry, which protect the interests of the users.
DAOTrust actively embraces government regulation, and actively participate in the monitoring of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing activities around the world. All kinds of illegal or irregular events nipped in the bud.

Regular Audits

DAOTrust will employ third-party accounting firm to regularly audit the assets and account balance and make public such information so that the assets trust can become highly transparent and secure.

Smart Contract

DAOTrust pre-writes the rules into the smart contract. Those measures help to form a risk monitoring and control system based on customer behaviors and guarantee the security of assets. In DAOTrust the code is the law, truly fair and open, nobody has the privilege of all people in the community are equal.

Real-time information disclosure

Blockchain technology will be used to realize real-time information disclosure in term of whole-process trust business data to strengthen the transparency, security, and reliability of trust service.

Rapid Redemption

DAOTrust will establish a fast financial transaction network in all the world's major cities. Users can make coin minting, quick redemption, the real-time transaction exchange over the system quickly.